Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Sincere Thank YOU from the Elk Grove Food Bank

Although the reasons for hunger are complicated, feeding a family or individual in need is not. Donations of food and funds are vital to the Elk Grove Food Bank Services and comprise 80% of our total resources.  We are providing more meals than ever imagined, especially to seniors and children!  Without the support of hundreds of donors blessing us with their gifts, many plates would be empty at the holidays and throughout the year...Over the past six months we have seen a 25% increase in the number of individuals and families who use our services. Every month, more than 4,300 of our neighbors rely on us, a number that continues to rise. Eighty-seven percent of our clients are Elk Grove residents and thirteen percent are from surrounding areas in South County.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly at the Food Bank because they believe in our mission.  Many volunteers value the hands-on experience of packing food boxes for seniors, delivering food to the home-bound medically fragile, stocking shelves, repacking bulk food, sorting fresh produce or packing mixed groceries that will be distributed to families and individuals.  Others give their time as volunteer members of our board and serve on fundraising events.

The Elk Grove Food Bank Services could not accomplish our community service without the tremendous support from so many; our board of directors, staff, our diligent network of partner agencies and grocery stores and our committed donors and volunteers. Your compassion and your gifts have enriched the lives of many!  

"Giving is an expression of gratitude for our blessings."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank You For Your Generosity!

Yesterday was a busy day at the Elk Grove Food Bank - and that's exactly how we like it. Due to the generosity of our community, volunteers were busy processing the food donated. Processing is a word that doesn't really cover what they do on a daily basis.

Sorting Table at the Elk Grove Food Bank graphic

When canned and boxed goods are brought to the Elk Grove Food Bank, volunteers first sort through them to check the expiration date. Then, they put them on the appropriate shelf; that makes it SO much easier to fill boxes and bags to be given to our clients.
Sorting Table and Pasta Shelf graphics 
When vegetables and fruits are donated, a volunteer sorts them into family serving sizes. This time of year items are also being sorted into temporary boxes of Christmas dinner items (canned yams, cranberries, gravy, canned milk, pie filing, etc.

A sample of yesterday's bags included bananas, grapes, bag of oranges, peppers, apple, pear, green onions, pre-made salads, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts and a bag of tomatoes. As the bags are filled, they are placed on a shelf ready to be given to our next client at the window.

In the afternoon, Elk Grove Food Bank picked up a large donation.  It was wonderful! But we also know that with are numbers increasing (over 4,500 clients served monthly), we need to keep filling our shelves.

SO, thank you for your generosity!

P.S. We can always use plastic and brown paper bags.