Friday, October 12, 2018

Volunteers Needed for KCRA Kids Can Food Drive!

Volunteering with the Elk Grove Food Bank is always fun and rewarding, and there are a lot of opportunities!  If you are able and willing to help out with your local community, check out our latest opportunity for volunteering.

WHAT:  Pickup trucks and volunteers needed to pick up boxes of canned food for the KCRA Kids Can Food Drive.

WHEN:  Any time during November 5 - November 30 (excluding the week of Thanksgiving.) Volunteer as much or as little as you like!

WHERE:  Pick up boxes from local schools, then deliver them to the Elk Grove Food Bank at 9820 Dino Drive, Suite 140, Elk Grove, CA 95624.

CONTACT:  Jean Sadler -

The Annual KCRA Kids Can Food Drive has been a part of the Elk Grove Food Bank for over 25 years.  It is by far our largest food drive, collecting upwards of 1000,000 cans annually!

In order to make this happen, we need a team of volunteer to pick up boxes from local schools and deliver them to the food bank.  If the school has a load larger than will fit in a pickup truck, a 2nd or 3rd truck will also be there.

We would love to have you be a part of this drive!  Even if you could only do a couple of schools, every bit helps.

Please consider helping us this year. Thank you!